About Us

At Rock Climbing Now, rock climbing is our passion.

It’s what we do, what we love, and what we want to share with the world.

We’ve created this site for you to learn some valuable rock climbing tips, review the best gear for you, and provide answers to your burning rock climbing questions.

We hope you find as much value out of this site as we have building it. Climb on!

Our Editors

Editor Sara Lane
SARA LANE --- Summited the notorious El Capitan. Has a degree in Geology and some awesome dancing skills (so she says).
Editor Steven Miller
STEVEN MILLER --- Self-proclaimed indoor master with some outdoor experience too. Has traveled for the last 2 years straight.
Editor Nick Bianchi
NICK BIANCHI --- Scaled dozens of the most famous climbs in Europe. Plays with puppies in his spare time when not building a business.